Is money a blessing or a curse?

Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

Money is a hilarious thing. It can be both a curse and a blessing, a dilemma and a solution.

What do you think when they say these 5 major letters? What’s popping through your head?

It is seen by some people as a measure of their self-worth, while others see money as a necessary evil.

This is a curse, ‘cause…

You might end up starving if you don’t have enough, and, in extreme cases, with a finger press, without a house. This can get you into masses of trouble, to some degree …

It can cause in the wrong hands unfairness, inequality and dishonest, even crimminal conduct. However, it’ll turn you into a big-head show-off if you have too much.

The sad side of it is that the absence of it has created such unequal environments that there has been a global movement for a better life between nations and people.

Since it’s a privilege …

This offers you a happier life, more opportunities and, in some situations, better education. If you have money, you can get the health care you need, if you don’t… Who knows what’s going to happen to you. It offers you a chance to buy whatever your heart wants, and if you have a lot of money, maybe more. You will fly across the world, conquer and make your wildest dreams come true. You can put food on the table, and you can put a roof over your head. As you can pay for premiums and extra high-level protection for your house, money guarantees a secure life.

I agree that I am torn between the two as I have written this and really put a lot of thought to this, as there are many explanations for both blessings and curses, as the lack of it and getting a lot of it causes trouble!

To you, is money a blessing or a curse?



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