What Did I Learn During The Quarantine?

This quarantine made me question my lack of motivation and I changed it

3 min readOct 24, 2020
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect our daily lives, many students are struggling to decide whether or not to return to school. For most people these days, it often feels like a constant struggle between the need to leave home for work and activities and the desire to go to school and work more. I had exactly what I needed: a day off from school, a break from work and the chance to spend some time with my family and friends, who I need more than anything.

In today’s world, it is easy to remain connected to the complexity of what certain people do, but when we are so accustomed to a structured routine, a disorder as large as a pandemic can render our daily lives unfulfilled and meaningless. We value people’s lives so much that anything can happen to them at any time, and when it does, we value them more than anything.

If we pay attention to the profound lessons that are going through our heads, it is certain that our lives after the pandemic will not remain the same, but we will become much better. I want to use the lessons we learn from the standstill of life to make our future much brighter.

May we learn to appreciate authentic interaction and recognize that life, especially spiritual life, is a path we walk together. Let us take this as an opportunity to move forward with mask and disinfected hands for the future.

My recommendation is to learn one or two new skills, even if it doesn’t take long to learn them. Many of us will be staying at home for the foreseeable future, so why not try to learn from it? Why not explore your interests and passions and learn from your interest and passion?

There is nothing worse than lying on the ground without a piece of green space to tend to, so why not make the most of it by mastering your gardening skills? Painting, for example, is a new hobby I never thought I could be imaginative enough for.

I learned to take time for myself without worrying about other people during that time. If I work on ticking off all the things I do every day, I won’t be overwhelmed.

As we learned after the gym closed, there are many workouts you can do at home to stay healthy and maintain your health. Doing something small every day is easy and can have lasting effects that change our lives and the future. We will not be able to stay home and stay healthy unless we are on the front line of health care. The key people who continue to work to make America move when everyone else is scared and hiding in our homes are our heroes. I try to do my part by staying at home, but it’s not easy.

If I find work that helps me feel in control of how I feel watching the news, I will restructure my routine further to make sure I get more food and eliminate what is not working.

When I realized that so much was on our hands, I could concentrate on wearing a mask and looking after myself and others. In my room I read a book about the meaning of the Self — consciousness and the difference between myself and other people and preparing for the realization of my own Self!