What Is Happening In Nigeria?

A systemic abuse of power that deserves our attention

Photo by Tobi Oshinnaike on Unsplash

What is happening in Nigeria shows that systemic abuse of power by the police is not just an American phenomenon, but also deserves our attention. Nigeria is part of the Commonwealth, and what many people out there might say about what SARS is and why we have a hashtag like #ENDSARS is a global movement that includes the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and many other countries around the world.

Demonstrations in Nigeria have been escalating for two weeks, and the demonstrators have virtually paralyzed Lagos, the country’s largest city. Nigerian security forces must immediately end intimidation, harassment and attacks on peaceful demonstrators, Amnesty International Nigeria has demanded after at least ten people were killed and hundreds injured in nationwide protests demanding an end to police brutality and corruption.

The Nigerian government said after the protests that the police unit had been disbanded on Sunday, October 11. Nigerian police announced their decision to disband the SARS unit on Saturday after President Muhammadu Buhari said in a tweet that he had instructed the police inspector general, Mohammed Adamu, to provide a definitive answer to Nigerians’ concerns about police brutality.

There are many groups protesting around the world against the alleged abuse of the SARS anti-robbery unit in Nigeria. This comes after a video was posted on Twitter showing an angry mob chasing a vehicle with Sars officers who fled the scene after killing a man. Reports of alleged abuse by the SARS unit have been published under the hashtag #ENDSARS. It has become the top trending on Twitter, with people taking to the streets to express what they can’t write in 280 characters. He noted that the public is exercising its right to protest by demanding an end to police brutality. Nigerian police and the man considered dangerous were erupted into cheers that erupted in the streets, where people cheered and waved Nigerian flags.

Nigerian police, who oversees SARS, did not respond to NBC News’ request for comment on the criticism. Since the SARS incident rocked the ride — and he retired from the service in early October — Bolt has shown his support for Nigeria in the fight against police brutality. Here is a website that keeps a running record of what is happening in Nigeria and the harassment the protesters are facing. The movement to end police brutality in Nigeria is still strong, but it needs all the media attention it can get.

Thousands of Nigerian youths have taken to the streets to call on the government to end police brutality. Demonstrators march in Lagos, Nigeria, demanding an end to SARS during the #EndSARS protest.

The demonstrators have made it clear that the struggle to end SARS is not politically motivated, and have warned politicians, including members of opposition parties, against using the protest for the political gain of individual parties, Yesufu said. They want honesty, he said, and that’s why the protests continue every day until the Sar government dissolves.

As the demonstrators repeat, this is only the beginning of their movement, not the end. If the protests last longer, they will have more to do to advance their movements. Social media plays a big role in showing people where to join the protest and spread the message outside Nigeria. The leader of the #ENDSARS movement is a former policeman and former head of security at the Lagos police station.

In December 2017, Segun Awosanya led an online campaign calling for an end to SARS and brutality in the country. In 2018, Bukola moved from Nigeria to the United States, but he remains an activist, protesting the injustices that are happening in that country and beyond. Somadina Muojeke left Nigeria three years ago, comparing police brutality within countries to current events in the United States. A public outcry on the Internet distracted from SARS and led to a social media campaign under the hashtag #ENDSARS. While the hashtags continued to be trending, celebrities and figures in Nigeria drew attention to the horrific incidents of police brutality and called for justice.

Nigeria deserves our attention.



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